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The Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry (MCTI) is Zambia's principal Government body responsible for administering national policy for private sector development. It coordinates industrial, commercial and trade matters and liases with various public and private sector organisations to facilitate the implementation of government sector policies related to trade and industry. This is in line with the Ministry's mission statement.

Mission Statement
To facilitate and promote the growth, development and competitiveness of commercial, trade and industrial sectors in order to enhance socio-economic development. 
In support of this mission statement, and to give MCTI a specific focus and direction, the set out goal of the Ministry is to develop sustainable and globally competitive commercial, trade and industrial base in order to contribute to social economic development.   
Agribusiness and Trade Project

The Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry has been identified as the focal point Ministry for Government in the formulation and implementation of the Agribusiness and Trade Project (ATP) where issues of resettlement arise. It is intended to address all economic and social impacts of project implementation where people are displaced and will inform the formulation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs). The project will support interventions aimed at linking producers to markets and supporting other bottlenecks along the related value chains
Governement Implements Reservation Schemes for Citizens

Zambia experienced consistent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of about 6% for over a decade. Despite this strong economic growth, the Zambian economy is still characterised by relatively low participation of Zambian citizens in the ownership of strategic industries, as well as in value addition. Economic growth is sustainable when it is anchored on citizen participation.

Recognising the challenge in citizen participation levels, Government has had to put in place deliberate measures to avail and secure citizens participation in the domestic economy, particularly through entrepreneurship and value chains.