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Status on the Development of MFEZs/Industrial Parks
The development of the Chambishi MFEZ is being undertaken by China Non Ferrous Metal Mining Company Limited (CNMC). This is pursuant to action points within the framework of forum on China – Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) where the Chinese President, His Excellency, Mr. Hu Jintao committed to develop five (5) trade and economic zones in Africa from the period 2007 to 2009. Zambia was selected as the first African country to benefit from this commitment. The Chambishi MFEZ has already housed fourteen (14) enterprises with a total investment outlay of more than US$ 800 million. These enterprises have provided more than 5,600 local jobs which are expected to increase as more zone enterprises locate in the MFEZ.

Furthermore, the infrastructure construction is progressing well and already a total investment in infrastructure development has exceeded US$ 100 Million. A water pipeline and a ZESCO sub-station have already been put in place and vast infrastructural works such as roads and drainage are currently taking place.

The Chambishi MFEZ will house heavy and light industries, among them; copper smelting, copper cable and other copper related products, agro processing, manufacture of household appliances, manufacture of bars, wires, electric cables and motor parts.

In the next four years, this MFEZ is poised to accommodate fifty to sixty zone enterprises with an output volume exceeding US$ 1.5 billion of which more than US$600 million will be exported while employing more than 6,000 locals.


The Lusaka East MFEZ is located adjacent to the Lusaka International Airport whose construction work was launched on 14th January 2009 by the former Republican President, His Excellency Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda. This is an extension of the Chambishi MFEZ and will focus on light manufacturing activities and services such as provision of conference facilities, hotel accomodation, among others. So far, the developers have injected more than US$5 Million in the construction of internal roads and earth works.


The Lusaka South MFEZ is being promoted by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The development of MFEZ will be undertaken under the Public Private Partnership policy framework.

Currently Government is in the process of incorporating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which will act as a developer for the Lusaka South and will own the assets of the Lusaka South and raise the necessary equity and debt finance for the development. The SPV would be capitalized through equity contributed by GRZ through (a) the land value, cost of the Master Plan, and other preparatory costs invested by GRZ to date; and (b) initial equity injection by a suitably qualified private sector investors. Any debt raised by GRZ from cooperating partners would be on lent to the SPV on terms that ensure the viability of the Lusaka South.

The management and administration of the zone would be undertaken through the SPV to be established, while the promotion and marketing of the Lusaka South will be done jointly by ZDA and the SPV.

The construction of the Lusaka South MFEZ, a 2,100 hectares area, will be done in 5 phases.

Phase 1 will require development of 414 hectares land and will be commenced from the eastern side as the eastern side is closer to the already existing access roads which can easily be upgraded. In addition, the water source and storage is nearer to the eastern side of the Lusaka South MFEZ which would result in less piping in the first phase. The existing communication duct and a power substation are located in Woodlands and could, therefore, be easily extended to the eastern side of the Lusaka South MFEZ. Phase 1 will employ up to 4,800 locals once completed.

The Lusaka South MFEZ whose Master Plan was developed by Kulim Hi Tech Cooperation of Malaysia, the Japanese Experts and the Local Expert Team will house a variety of industries and facilities, among them; high tech industries, research and development, commercial, residential, golf course, institutions and community facilities with total investment flows expected to exceed US$ 1.2 billion.

The construction of a 2.4 km access road and 12.4 km internal roads within the MFEZ has commenced. The access road has since been constructed and tarred whilst the internal roads have been cleared in readiness for tarring.


The Lumwana MFEZ to be developed by Lumwana Property Development Company Ltd is a 1,300 sq km area which will focus on light and heavy industries. Some notable activities that the MFEZ will house include:- manufacture of explosives, agro processing, horticulture, fisheries, hotel accommodation, among others. The developers of this MFEZ have prepared a Master Plan and plans to invest US$ 1.2 billion for development of the MFEZ whilst creating 13,000 jobs.

Lumwana has since engaged experts to assist in developing the MFEZ.


The Sub Sahara Gemstone Industrial Park is situated in Ndola on a 100 hectare piece of land on the Kabwe – Ndola Road. The property enjoys developed premises previously owned by Ndola Precious Metals. The Industrial Park is being promoted by an indigenous Zambian enterprise who is a majority shareholder.

The developers of the Industrial Park have already invested US$ 8 million in rehabilitating infrastructure and have so far attracted three (3) enterprises engaged in manufacturing and processing activities. It is estimated that more than 20 companies will be located in the Industrial Park with projected employment levels estimated at 4,000 employees.


The Roma Industrial Park is situated in Lusaka on a 113 hectare piece of land along Zambezi Road after the Roma residential area. The Industrial Park is being promoted by CPD Investment Limited which is owned by Interspan Sales Corporation, a South African Company.

The Industrial Park will house light industries, retail park, office park, warehousing and will also promote local business development through the creation of an incubator for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. The total project cost is estimated at US$ 46 million with projected employment levels estimated at 2,800 employees.

The developers of the Park are currently working on infrastructure development and some investors have expressed their willingness to invest in the area.