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Qualification criteria to locate in a Multi-Economic Facility Zone
Any investor be it foreign or local qualifies to develop multi-facility economic zone or operate in an existing Multi Facility economic zone upon demonstrating that the investment will provide the following benefits:
  1. i.the level of local and foreign direct investment;
  2. ii.the attraction of local and foreign indirect investment;
  3. iii.the amount and quality of local employment creation;
  4. iv.the extent of skills development and transfer to local entrepreneurs and communities;
  5. v.the extent to which the project will lead to expansion of local production;
  6. vi.the level of utilization of local raw materials and intermediate goods;
  7. vii.the introduction and transfer of technology;
  8. viii.the production of new products;
  9. ix.the impact proposed investment is likely to have on the environment and, where necessary, the measures proposed to deal with an adverse environmental consequence in accordance with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act;
  10. x.the extent to which the project will lead to the diversification of the economy;
  11. xi.the extent to which the project leads to increased foreign exchange earnings;
  12. xii.the degree to which the project is export oriented;
  13. xiii.the extent to which the project leads to import substitution;
  14. xiv.the extent to which the project leads to utilisation of preferential trade agreements;
  15. xv.the extent to which the project leads to social development; and
  16. xvi.any other considerations.

In order to qualify for incentive as outlined in the relevant tax codes, the investor needs to invest not less than an equivalent of US$500,000, however, there may be MFEZ business services that may not require MFEZ incentives and hence may not necessary meet the US$ 500,000 investment threshold. Such business services may include: commercial banking, clearing and forwarding, catering and restaurant, staff recruitment and payroll services, postal and telecommunication bureau, transportation services (freight and passenger), installation, repair and maintenances, fitness club, sports club and gymnasium; medical and related services, laboratory testing and quality certification services, security services, business consultancy services and insurance services.