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Why Invest in Zambia ?
An enabling investment environment
Market oriented economic reformsinclude:

  • The removal of EXCHANGE CONTROL REGULATIONS and the deregulation of prices and interest rates.
  • No restrictions on the REPATRIATION of profit, dividends and capital.
  • An enegetic PRIVATIZATION PROGRAMME that provides for the continued privatisation of state assets.
  • INVESTMENT PROTECTION and guarenteed private property rights.
  • A trade regime that is EXPORT FOCUSED, with reduction of tariffs and lifting of most export controls.

Investment Security

The Investment Act of 1993 states that investments may not be expropriated unless parliament has passed an act relating to the compulsory acquisition of that property, in which event full compensation at market value and free transfer to the funds is guaranteed.
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Investment in the stock market is protected by the Securities Act of 1993. Zambia is a member of MIGA. In case of disputes, arbitration may be sought through the Zambia High Court, ICSD or UNCITRAL.