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Timber ban negatively affects wood products sector PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 06:05

The timber ban that government has effected after the discovery of the Mukula tree as a lucrative commodity on the international market is negatively affecting the Wood and Wood Products sector.

This came to light when Commerce Permanent Secretary, Siazongo Siakalenge toured Sikale Wood Manufacturers.

Managing Director of Sikale Wood Manufacturers Liu Run Min explained that the operations at his company were at risk of grounding to a halt in the next three months if the timber ban was not lifted.

This development would force the about 150 employees at the Lusaka factory into the streets adding that another 50 employees at the Kaoma plant would also be jobless.

The Ministry of Commerce will engaged its counter parts from the ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to resolve this matter amicably.

Government has placed the wood and wood products sector as one the priority sectors for investment.

Mr. Siakalenge said government was happy with what Sikale Furniture was doing noting that it was a direct response to government’s call to industrialization and job creation strategy.

The interest of the Ministry of commerce was to see value being added to the local resources, thereby creating jobs in the process of adding value to the local resources, ultimately reduced poverty among the people.