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Details for Integrated Value Chain Analysis of Strategic Sectors
NameIntegrated Value Chain Analysis of Strategic Sectors
Zambia is not a major producer of cotton in the global market; however, according to the Cotton Development Trust (CDT) of Zambia approximately 227,000 smallholder farmers produce cotton on 254,000 hectares of land. Many of these cotton farmers also integrate the production of cotton with the growing of staple foods such as maize. In 2004 Zambia produced 172,000 MT of cotton which generated nearly US$50 million in export earnings of cotton products, such as lint cotton, cotton yarn and ready-made cotton garments. In some cases, here strong out-grower programs have been developed for seed cotton farmers, yield increased from 500 - 600kg/ha in 2000 to 700 - 800kg/ha in 2001.
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