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Our website is meant to give clients, stakeholders, investors, and the general public information about issues relating to commerce, trade, and industry in Zambia. MCTI is the main Government body responsible for facilitating a conducive business environment for inclusive growth and competitiveness of industry and commerce as espoused in the 8NDP and vision 2030 thereby contributing to wealth and job creation. 

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The following projects fall under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Click on the image links for more information on their respective Websites.

Enhanced Integrated Framework

Zambia Border Posts Upgrading Project

Zambia Agriculture & Trade Project

Enhance Integrated Framework (EIF)
Zambia Border Posts Upgrading Project (ZBPUP)
Zambia Agribusiness & Trade Project (ZATP)


image Planning and Information Department

The Department is responsible for coordinating the formulation of policies, monitoring and evaluation of Ministry policies, coordinating the development of strategic and work plans, development and management of information systems, preparation of budgets and resource mobilization.

image Foreign Trade Department

The Department has the mandate of stimulating the growth of Zambia’s export trade through the formulation of policies, strategies and facilitation of international trade relations. The department is responsible for the integration of Zambia’s trade sector into the regional and multilateral trading systems through carefully negotiated trade agreements.

image Industry Department

The Department is charged with the responsibility of formulating and administering policies in the industrial sector in order to enhance the sectors contribution to sustainable social economic growth and development.

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