The Ministry of Commerce and Trade (MCT) is Zambia’s principal Government body responsible for administering national policy for private sector development. It coordinates industrial, commercial and trade matters and liaises with various public and private sector organisations to facilitate the implementation of government sector policies related to trade and industry. This is in line with the Ministry’s mission statement.

Mission Statement
To facilitate and promote the growth, development and competitiveness of commercial, trade and industrial sectors in order to enhance socio-economic development.
In support of this mission statement, and to give MCTI a specific focus and direction, the set-out goal of the Ministry is to develop sustainable and globally competitive commercial, trade and industrial base in order to contribute to social economic development.
Through this goal, the MCTI will articulate policies, develop legislation and create an environment that will focus on making the Zambian commercial, trade, and industrial base sustainable and globally competitive.
The Ministry is responsible for the following portfolio functions as contained in Government Gazette Notice Number 7039 of 2021:

(i) Business Names;

(ii) Business Registration

(iii) Commercial, Trade and Industrial Policy;

(iv) Companies;

(v) Competition and Consumer Protection;

(vi) Copyright;

(vii) E-Commerce

(viii) Industrialisation Policy;

(ix) Industrial Research;

(x) Intellectual Property;

(xi) Investment Policy;

(xii) Development Privatisation Policy

(xiii) Standardisation, Standards Quality Assurance; and

(xiv) Weights and Measures.