Acts and S.I. under PACRA

-The Companies (General) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 14 of 2019

The S.I provides for the general regulations relating to registration requirements for companies, including description of the small private company for purpose of meeting corporate governance requirements; permitted hours to inspect the register and documents; and remuneration of assessors. (Download)


-The Companies (Fees) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 15 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed fees that are payable by the clients for filing of various documents and services rendered  at PACRA in connection with the company’s registry. (Download)


The Companies (Prescribed Forms) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 21 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed forms relating to filing of documents at PACRA with respect to the company’s registry. (Download)

-Registration of Business Names Regulations, 2012 – S.I No. 3 of 2012

The S.I outlines regulations relating to registration of business names, filing of annual returns, among others and associated fees payable. (Download)


-The Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Regulations, 2014 – S.I No. 54 of 2014

The S.I provides for revised fees payable for services related to business names. (Download)

-The Corporate Insolvency (Forms and Fees) Regulations, 2019 – SI No. 41 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed forms and fees payable for filing of documents related to corporate insolvency, including fees payable to a receiver, business rescue administrator or liquidator. It also provides for matters relating to service of documents.

-The Corporate Insolvency (Insolvency Practitioner Accreditation) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 40 of 2019

The S.I contains general regulations for accreditation of Insolvency Practitioners. It provides for granting or rejection of applications; terms and conditions attached to the accreditation and accreditation certificate; renewal of accreditation and publication of names of accredited Insolvency Practitioners.

-The Movable Property (Security Interest) (General) Regulations, 2016 – S.I No. 77 of 2016

The S.I provides forms used for lodgements in the collateral register and regulations regarding the registration of financing statements, enforcement of secured creditor’s rights and general provisions relating to the Collateral Registry. The SI also provides a model security agreement. (Download)


-The Movable Property (Security Interest) (Fees) Regulations, 2016 – S.I No. 73 of 2016

The S.I contains the prescribed fees payable to PACRA for the services  rendered under  the Collateral Registry

The Principal Regulations  for  the Trade marks Act, Cap 401

-The Trade Marks Regulations

The Trade mark Regulations provides for procedure for registration of  trade marks, prescribed forms, prescribed fees, classification of goods, registrable trade marks, procedure for hearing of dispute and other general regulations relating to implementation of the Trade marks Act


The Principal Regulations for the Registered Designs Act, Cap 402

The Registered Designs Regulations

The Registered Designs Regulations provide, inter alia, procedure for application for registrations of industrial designs, prescribed forms, prescribed fees, procedure for hearing of disputes and other general regulations relating to implementation of the industrial designs Act


-The Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 2012 – SI No. 83 of 2012

The S.I provides for revised fees payable for services related to registered designs

The Trade Marks Act Chapter 401 of the Laws of Zambia

-The Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations, 2012 – S.I No. 85 of 2012

The S.I provides for revised fees payable for services related to registration and registered trade marks  (First Schedule-new tariffs of fees)


The Principal Regulations for the Patents Act,  Cap 400

The Patents Regulations

The Patents Regulations provide, inter alia, for procedure,  application, patents and specifications, appropriate forms to be used, prescribed fees,  examination procedures, procedure for hearing disputes and other general regulations relating to implementation of the Patents Act.


The Patents Act, Chapter 400

-The Patents (Amendment) Regulations, 2012 – S.I No. 84 of 2012

The S.I provides for revised fees payable for services related to patents.

Other Acts

-Standards (Compulsory Standards) (Declaration) Order, 2017 – S.I No. 68 of 2017

The S.I provides compulsory standards for Sugar, Pressed steel Door Frames, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Blended Fertiliser, Petroleum Jelly, pure glycerine, crude edible oils, water, Aviation turbine fuel, and Bitumen.

-The Standards (Compulsory Standards) (Declaration) (Amendment) Order, 2012 – SI No. 2 of 2012

The S.I provides compulsory standards  for the manufacture and supply of unleaded Petrol (Gasoline)

-The Standards (Compulsory Standards) (Fees) Regulations, 2012 – S.I. No. 49 of 2012

The S.I provides compulsory standards for the Fees for Application of a permit to supply.

-The Standards (Compulsory Standards) (Declaration) Order, 2010 – S.I No. 102 of 2010

The S.I provides compulsory standards for Laundry Soap, Peanut butter, Industrial protective and safety footwear; and Maize meal (mealie meal).

-The Standards (Compulsory Standards) (Declaration) Order, 2011 – SI No. 104 of 2011

The S.I provides compulsory standards for Emulsion and High Gloss Paints

-The Weights and Measures (Assize) Regulations – SI No. 22 of 1998

The SI provides technical requirements for the manufacture, sale, supply, installation, use, repair and maintenance of weighing and/or measuring instruments in trade

-Weights and Measures (Verification Fees –  Regulations ) SI. No. 29 of 2017

The SI provides for legal metrology certification fees


-The Zambia Development Agency (Forms and Fees) Regulations, 2018 – SI No 53 of 2018

The SI provides forms to be used for investment certificate applications and fees to be paid

-The Zambia Development Agency (Multi – Facility Economic Zone and Industrial Park) (Priority Sectors) (Declaration) Order, 2014 – SI No. 17 of 2014

The SI provides for the revised list of Priority Sectors specified in the Second Schedule to the Act. The revised list includes Manufacturing; Energy and Water Development; and Construction in the

– The Citizens Economic Empowerment  (Reservation Scheme) Regulation, 2017 – SI No. 1 of 2017

The S.I reserves, for qualifying targeted citizens and targeted companies, the sale of live birds (poultry) in any market or designated place and domestic haulage under public procurement. (Download)


– The Citizens Economic Empowerment (Preferential Procurement) S.I No. 36 of 2011

This S.I provides for registration requirements for targeted citizens and targeted companies to qualifying for preferential treatment when                        bidding for public procurement contracts under public institutions. (Download)