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Human Resources and Administration
The Department of Human Resources and Administration (DHRA) is responsible for the provision of administrative, financial and logistical support services in order to ensure the effective operation of the Ministry. The Department is also responsible for managing and developing human resources in order to improve staff welfare and service delivery.

Planning and Information
The Department of Planning and Information is responsible for coordinating the formulation of policies, monitoring and evaluation of Ministry policies, coordinating the development of strategic and work plans, development and management information systems, preparation of budget and resource mobilization.

The Department of Industry has a mandate of facilitating investments and industrial development by initiating policies, programmes and projects for the development of the industrial sector. The Department is further mandated to identify necessary support to orient industries and strengthen their capacities in light of the liberal economy.

Domestic Trade and Commerce
The Department of Domestic Trade and Commerce is responsible for stimulating the growth of the commercial and trade sectors through the formulation of strategies and policy instruments that will enhance the competitiveness in the commercial and trade sectors and facilitation of domestic trade relations.

Foreign Trade
The Department of Foreign Trade has the mandate of stimulating the growth of international trade through the formulation of policies, strategies and facilitation of international trade relations. The Department is responsible for the integration of the Zambian trading sectors into the regional and multilateral trading systems through carefully negotiated trade agreements. As such, the Foreign Trade Department spearheads trade negotiations in different configurations including the World Trade Organization (WTO), Regional Trade Agreements and Bilateral Trade Agreements.

The Department of Cooperatives has the mandate of promoting and facilitating the formation and growth of cooperatives in order to steer socio-economic development, job creation, income generation and poverty reduction. The Department of Cooperatives (DoC) is charged with the responsibility to promote and facilitate the formation and growth of cooperatives so that they become important conduits for socio-economic development, job creation, income generation and poverty reduction.
The Department collaborates with institutions within and outside the Ministry in order to encourage value addition ventures. It is also promoting diversification of activities in the cooperative movement by encouraging the formation of cooperatives in all sectors of the economy.
The Department collaborates with the Cooperative Movement in cooperative promotion and training. It accomplishes these tasks through its four-tier system starting with the apex body Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) through Provincial and District Cooperative Unions to the Primary Cooperative Societies