The overall objective of Zambia Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Tier 1 National Implementation Unit Sustenance and Capacity Enhancement (NIUSCE) Project is to reinforce and sustain capacity of MCTI to effectively plan, implement and coordinate the Aid for Trade initiatives in Zambia. Specific objectives of the Project are to: support MCTI effectively formulate and implement trade related policies and strategies; assist Zambia effectively mainstream trade into her NDP’s and strategies; contribute to ensuring coordinated delivery of trade-related technical assistance by donors and implementing agencies in Zambia; and assist Zambia secure resources in support of initiatives that address the updated DTIS Action Matrix priorities.

The EIF Tier 1 NIUSCE Project is now in its second phase and operations commenced in late August 2016. The focus of the Project is institution capacity building for the designated Main Implementing Entity (MIE), the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and other National Implementation Arrangements (NIAs) as well as the mainstreaming of trade in institutional and sectorial development plans and strategies. The Project builds on Tier 1 Phase I which was implemented from April, 2010 to 31st July, 2014.

The Project has generally achieved the project objectives on all the outcomes.   The Project interventions have supported MCTI to effectively formulate and implement trade related policies and strategies, notably the Export Strategy and Trade Policy. Working with local institutions, the Project contributed to building institutional capacity for trade policy analysis through training ministry staff on trade policy analytical tools. For sustainable human resource development, the Project has facilitating the introduction of the trade policy and development course at public universities to equip students with skills in trade mainstreaming, formulation of policy and strengthening trade negotiations, among others.

The Project has also assisted Zambia effectively mainstream and prioritise trade into the SNDP and 7NDP. With regard to ensuring coordinated delivery of trade-related technical assistance in Zambia, the Project facilitated the establishment of the GRZ-Donor Platform, a platform to address cooperation around trade related matters and leverage additional resources to implement the priority actions in the updated DTIS Matrix. Through identified gaps, cooperating partners have been able to identify possible areas for support.