Acts and S.I under PACRA

The Companies Act, No 10 of 2017

-The Companies (General) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 14 of 2019

The S.I provides for the general regulations relating to registration requirements for companies, including description of the small private company for purpose of meeting corporate governance requirements; permitted hours to inspect the register and documents; and remuneration of assessors

-The Companies (Fees) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 15 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed fees that are payable by the clients for filing of various documents and services rendered  at PACRA in connection with the company’s registry

– The Companies (Prescribed Forms) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 21 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed forms relating to filing of documents at PACRA with respect to the company’s registry.

The Registration of Business Names Act, No. 16 of 2011.

-Registration of Business Names Regulations, 2012 – S.I No. 3 of 2012

The S.I outlines regulations relating to registration of business names, filing of annual returns, among others and associated fees payable.

-The Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Regulations, 2014 – S.I No. 54 of 2014

The S.I provides for revised fees payable for services related to business names.

The Corporate Insolvency Act, No 9 of 2017

-The Corporate Insolvency (Forms and Fees) Regulations, 2019 – SI No. 41 of 2019

The S.I contains prescribed forms and fees payable for filing of documents related to corporate insolvency, including fees payable to a receiver, business rescue administrator or liquidator. It also provides for matters relating to service of documents.

-The Corporate Insolvency (Insolvency Practitioner Accreditation) Regulations, 2019 – S.I No. 40 of 2019

The S.I contains general regulations for accreditation of Insolvency Practitioners. It provides for granting or rejection of applications; terms and conditions attached to the accreditation and accreditation certificate; renewal of accreditation and publication of names of accredited Insolvency Practitioners.