The tourism industry has grown over the past years, with the establishment of hotels in the major tourist centres such as Livingstone and Lusaka. There is vast potential in the Tourism sector in Zambia due to its natural beauty (including the Victoria Falls, which is one of the most renowned beautiful transcendental Seven Natural Wonders of the World) and its wealth of wildlife that have not yet been fully exploited.  Other waterfalls include Kalambo, Ngonye, Chishimba,Chipempe, and Ntumbachushi, to mention a few. Zambia has 20 national parks and 34 game management areas with a total of 23 million hectres of land set aside for wildlife conservation. Also, the Country has numerous museums that house priceless historical artifacts such as Lusaka National Museum, Moto-Moto Museum, and Livingstone Museum. Zambia also boasts of various traditional ceremonies that take place at different times of the year where its rich cultural heritage is displayed.