The manufacturing sector accounts for nearly 8% of the country’s GDP and has been consistently growing due to growing investment in the sector. Engineering, Textiles, Wood & Wood Products, Building Materials, Processed Foods, Chemicals, Leather and Leather Products, Electric Vehicles, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber, Plastic, paper, Tobacco, and Handicrafts are sub-sectors that offer the most opportunities for investment. Currently, the main manufacturing activities in Zambia are the: 1) Food and beverages ; 2) Textile and Leather Industries; 3)  Wood and Wood Products; 4) Paper and Paper Products 5) Chemicals, Rubber and Plastic Products 6) Non-metallic mineral products; 7) basic metal products; and 8) Fabricated metal products. The top destinations for Zambian exports in 2016 are China (USS$ 2.14 Bn), India (USS$719 M), South Africa (USS$486 M), United Arab Emirates (USS$ 392 M), and Belgium-Luxemburg (USS$ 297 m).